The Weight we Carry

​​​​​​Australians have been relying more and more on digital and social media in every aspect of their daily lives, and as a result, they now spend over 40% of their waking hours online.

Social media is more crucial than ever, now used by roughly 80% of the population not only to connect with friends and stay up-to-date with news, but also to discover and research brands. 

Social gaming, video streaming and online shopping are also a big part of the digital diet.




As we move more and more towards using technology as our day to day.... our neck and shoulders pay the price. The human head weighs approximately 5Kgs and when using different forms of technology, from notebooks, to tablets, to smart phones and more, it can cause us to position ourselves in ways that place stress on various parts of our bodies, mainly the neck and shoulders.

“At just 45 degrees, your neck muscles are doing the work of lifting a 22.2kg. bag of potatoes.”

— Dr. K. Daniel Riew


Symptoms that can present from this issue are:


stiff necks,

neck spasms,

and pain between your shoulder blades are common complaints.


Some people say they have a hard time looking up after looking down for a long time. In severe situations you could get numbness or tingling or weakness that goes down into your arms because of a pinched nerve in your neck.

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