This place has changed my life! I've had problems with my body for years, using other therapies that don't seem to last. I've been to the Jade centre for only 6 weeks now and the improvements have been amazing. I could never lunge properly, my knees always had a pain that wasn't normal muscle pain. The muscles around my knee, ITB, calves, quads - they now all know how to work together to get the most out of a gym session. I would always have to opt out of a particular exercise at the gym. Since then I've joined a fitness program and I can do these exercises now without making excuses. Only 2 weeks after going to the jade centre I was able to do 200 lunges in one particular drill. This I know couldn't be done before. My legs and my core also seemed to be working separate to one another. Now they move together. If I have a bad outcome from the gym where a muscle is locked up - a quick phone call , and half an hour later my body is working like it should. It wasn't always this quick though. The first sessions were more lengthy but I can see my body is getting better at keeping correct posture. Give it a go. You'll be surprised!



Feeling fantastic after just one treatment, can't wait to go again. Thank you.


Thanks Steve feeling much better after today's appointment
Sitting back with a hot water bottle on my neck and back and moving much more freely.


Kept me on the field all season last year allowing me win to the Back Of The Year award for Brumbies! Might not sound like much but they're times 100 more effective than any physio Ive been to. A lot of people may not believe in Reiki and Rotai but you have to for it to work. Walk in with a closed mind, walk out with loose body. Theres no experience like your own experience.


When my lower back pain became more than I could handle, and I was struggling to walk. I rang Steve and he booked me in for the following day. So thanks for seeing me so quickly.

We should call you “The Healer” I think. I limped into Jade Healing at Penrith and 45min later I was almost pain free and I felt as though I was lighter, or standing and walking on a cloud.

Thank you, this isn’t the first time you have helped me. What you do is better than any chiropractor or physio, and I am feeling so much better.

Thanks to you I am functioning again, the gentle stretches are helping now also. I am 60 and my body is feeling the last 45 years of work, but you always manage to get me back into shape.

The first time I arrived at your centre I was sceptical, but not now.

A big thank you from me.

Reg from Jamisontown, NSW.

Having been a client at The Jade Healing Centre, and knowing first hand how RoTai gives relief, I jumped at the opportunity to train to become a practitioner. Working at the clinic has given me knowledge and skills to help those in need. Knowing that as a team we can bring an alternant treatment for pain, gives me a feeling of great achievement.


Chris Woods


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