Technology a real pain in the neck!

In this age of technology we are constantly exposed and surrounded by new and exciting screens. This comes in many forms; from notebooks, to tablets, to smart phones and more. The use of technology can cause us to position ourselves in ways that place stress on various parts of our bodies, mainly the neck and shoulders.

You create tension on your body by looking down for long periods of time. The repetitive strain that is placed on your neck/shoulders whilst hunched over a tablet or phone or even at a poorly positioned monitor at a desk can add up! The most common posture seen is a slouched upper back and rounding of the shoulders, with the neck bent forward. This position puts tension on your muscles and also puts a great deal of pressure on your spine, which can lead to neural complaints.

Sitting with this posture every day leads to muscles locking and stiffening creating imbalance. The big powerful muscles that run down your spine in conjunction with the Psoas are responsible for holding you up. By slouching and looking down they have the potential to lose strength, causing them to work harder and the Psoas to lock up.

 The team at The Jade Healing Centre we can help release the issues in the neck and shoulders and also give you some stretches you can do daily.

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