Performing Arts Program

​Maintaining your body is more than just regular exercise and stretching, both of which are vitally important. Often, before an injury occurs, one or more of your muscles stop working at optimal levels and when this happens your body responds by having other muscles compensate. In the long term, if we keep soldering on, this can result in strain and injury.

For example: if you don’t get your car fixed when you first notice the noise, and keep driving on it, you know you are going to be up for a bigger bill when the time inevitably comes.

So if you want:

  •  Proactive injury prevention through regular routine maintenance of the

        muscle system.

  • Improved personal performance by ensuring that all muscles are operating

      at their best.

  • Improved balance in the body

  • Improved core strength

  • Improved  range of motion

  • Increase the rate of recovery from injury.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only

place you have to live.” — Jim Rohn

By having regular treatments, you are being proactive in maintaining your muscles at their optimum level which means you minimise your chance of injury and you get an increase in performance. Rather than your muscles compensating for a gap, all your  muscles continually operate as they should and that you can perform at your best.

All that said, injury can still happen. Sports pushes our bodies to the limit and injuries happen. At The Jade Healing Centre our treatments have put various sports people back quicker and stronger than before, by looking for the cause we can treat symptom. So, whatever your sport is, we can help.

Treat a symptom by fixing the cause,

fix the cause by helping the person.