Do you want to improve:

   - Strength                                   - Flexibility

    - Range of motion                      - Physical performance

    - Endurance                               - Balance

    - Confidence                              - Core strength

​From the weekend warrior to elite athletes injuries are a common occurrence in sport and exercise. They may result from accidents, poor training practices, use of improper protective gear, lack of conditioning, and insufficient warm up and stretching. The sports injuries may be either acute (sprains, fractures, tears) or chronic (tendinitis, overuse injury) injuries.


Our practitioners will work with you to develop a customised treatment that focuses on the true cause of your injury and not just the symptoms. Some of the common injuries that we have helped other clients with include: 


- Reactivating muscles

- Rolled ankles

- Torn ligaments

- Hamstring strains

- Glutes locked up

- Knee pain

- Improving range of motion

- Growing pains

- Short Leg syndrome

- Heal pain


Getting you back to training fast and performing at your best is our goal. Call us for information on all the sports injuries we can help you with. To read some of our case studies click here.



Treat a symptom by fixing the cause,

fix the cause by helping the person.


knee pain shoulder pain back pain


A good ten minute cardio session, a stretch and then get into your training, will improve your results. But don't forget afterwards a stretch and on an exercise bike for 5-10 minutes pedalling backwards to help release everything as well. Don't forget to stay hydrated.