The power of a hug!

Too many times I see clients on edge, couples stressed by everyday life (myself included) and how that impacts on their relationships and on those around them, their family.

We spend so much of our time doing our job or our part in the relationship but don't have much time for the person we started the relationship with. We spend time in our own heads remembering how it was when we first started out as a couple and wonder where has it gone. But we forget to think how far we have come, how strong the trust is. So we spend money trying to create something again.  But what makes all this so unfortunate though is the fact that there are so many simple ways you can make life better without spending money or really lifting a finger. The simple act of hugging your partner more regularly for instance can help to make the world a better place and improve almost every aspect of your life – and that's something that doesn't require a lot of time or effort.Scientific studies have demonstrated many ways that hugging can be beneficial for our health in many ways. Across countless studies researchers have identified links with

  • decreased heart rates

  • lower blood pressure, 

  • better sleep, 

  • increased nerve activity and better moods. 

Just like laughing, hugging can trigger the release of chemicals that help to strengthen your immune system (such as oxytocin) which can in turn help you to fight off disease and even recover from existing conditions. Meanwhile, hugging or holding hands have also been shown to decrease the stress hormone cortisol which is known to make our immune systems weaker. In other words, hugging regularly could improve your lifespan!


Fixing the cause not just treating the symptom !