Meltdown Protection


Non aggressive techniques for protection without using violence.




Proactive, not Retaliatory

ASD stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder


​​Autism is a developmental disorders characterised by marked deficits in communication and social interaction. It affects the way a person relates to his or her environment and may include a preoccupation with fantasy, language impairment, and diverse behaviour, such as restricted and / or repetitive acts and excessive attachment to certain objects.


Many people with ASD have sensory sensitivity. This means that

their sense take either too much or too little information from the

work around them - such as difficulty dealing with a lot of noise,

unusual or extreme textures in food or handling busy crowds.


Children with ASD have often experience difficulty when

communicating with others it may be hard to make eye contact,

ask questions or join in a game. It may be difficult to socialise or

even to understanding some situations.


Children with ASD can have difficulty coping with any variation to

their usual routines. Unexpected or unfamiliar situations will often

result in agitation and anxiety. A sudden noise could be terrifying

or a person’s touch may set off a wave of strong sensations.  


The meltdown “emotional” is a common autistic characteristic feared and dreaded by both caregivers and autistics. Not to be confused with a temper tantrum. This is where Emergency Meltdown Protection helps. During a meltdown, a child with autism is unable to comprehend if those around him are reacting to their behaviour, they are not able to consider their own or others safety.


Emergency Meltdown Protection was developed to provided a passive self protection program that is suitable for all people. It's quick to learn, easy to remember and effective. Better still it will protect you and the person experiencing difficulty in emotional regulation.


It's Proactive, not Retaliatory



As families know, a meltdown is not just a child being naughty because they can't have something, it can be worse than that, it can be violent and not just for those around but for the child them-self.


This workshop is designed to highlight the strategies that you can learn in

order to protect yourself as a parent, carer or teacher, to protect siblings or

simply to safeguard the individual having the meltdown.



The training will teach you:


  • how to recognise when an attack is about to occur

  • how to perform methods of blocking a punch.

  • five unobtrusive stances to use when threatened by an attack.

  • at least one escape, or counter, to a range of attacks.


Our training is comprehensive helping participants gain confidence, awareness and skills to protect themselves. With over 50 different moves, it can be tailored to cover the most common issues that are most relevant to you. Most importantly, we can deliver the Passive system in a way that is easy learning, with as little down time as possible:

  • 1 day

  • 2 days (weekends can be arranged)

  • Over a school term (1 hr per week)


All training is delivered to groups (minimum 8 people)

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Here is a testimonial from one of the participants:

Good morning, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated doing passive power meltdown protection course as it has helped me. I'm more aware of what could happen and how to get out of that situation safely. Since doing the course my child has only given me a fat lip once and a few scratches which is fantastic, it was a lot worse before doing the course. I feel more confident and comfortable that I can help my son to not hurt himself or others during a meltdown. Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn how to help my son when he doesn't understand what his doing and has no knowledge of doing it.

I have and would recommend this course to anyone including therapists and teachers.

Empowering families and carers dealing with Meltdowns

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