Meltdown Protection

As families know, a meltdown is not just a child being naughty because they can't have something, it can be worse than that, it can be violent and not just for those around but for the child them-self.

We have previously held workshops at the Luke Priddis Foundation about Meltdown Protection with over 50 parent’s carers and teachers involved.

This workshop is designed to highlight the strategies that you can learn to protect

yourself as a parent, carer or teacher, to protect siblings or simply to safeguard

the individual having the meltdown.

The workshop will inform you about the basics of: 

  • how to recognise when an attack is about to occur

  • how to perform methods of blocking a punch.

  • five unobtrusive stances to use when threatened by an attack.

  • at least one escape, or counter, to a range of attacks.


We have comprehensive training courses available that help participants gain confidence, awareness and skills to protect themselves.

With over 50 different moves, it can be tailored to cover the most common issues that are most relevant to you. Most importantly, we can deliver the Passive system in a way that is easy learning.

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