I was sore two days ago and now it’s gone!!

As a RoTai practitioner I see all types of injuries and one of the most common things I hear is, I was sore but the pain has gone, this isn’t the case. What has happened, is the body has changed to accommodate the injury. To understand this let me give you a brief explanation. There are three stages in learning motor skills or creating muscle memory:



  1. Cognitive Stage, this where your body learns a skill by watching, thinking, analysing and doing. Starting the creation of a memory in the cerebellum which is the part of the brain that controls sensory and cognitive functions.

  2. Associative Stage, this is where the practice of the skill begins.

  3. Autonomous Stage, this is where the skill is done automatically with no conscious thought, (muscle memory)


It can take a long time to create a muscle memory, but an injury can disrupt it quite quickly. The body will re-adjust to compensate for the injury and we think the pain has gone, but in fact we have possibly set in motion a negative domino effect.



As an example: If there is evidence of a short leg the hips will compensate to maintain a normal walking stride, but then you will find the lower back will start to pain from the hips so they will adjust and possibly over a few days, as they have adjusted, the pain will ease and we feel as if we have improved. But this won’t be the case.

Looking for the cause of the issue and treating it will always provide a longer lasting result and assist in regaining muscle memory.

Remember that nothing can replace good habits, like diet, fluid intake, stretching, a weekly Epsom Salt bath or even just some quiet time these are the things to keep us healthy.

Fixing the cause not just treating the symptom !