Employee Benefits Program


What is your most valuable asset: staff or clients?


If you said staff, well done!





In the words of Richard Branson,

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your

employees, they will take care of your clients.”




Work injuries cost. They have enormous health and financial impacts on

employees as well as employers.

"The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011) cited the majority of workplace injuries are sprains or strains (30%) followed by chronic joint or muscle conditions (18%).  Workplace injury costs the Australian economy in excess of $30 billion per annum in direct injury cost, lost productivity and worker’s compensation payments."


The Jade Healing Centre can help.

Our programs will help you to:

        - Reduce possible work cover claims or speed up recovery times,

        - Decrease job related stresses,

        - Improve staff focus,

        - Improve productivity,

        - Improve morale, motivation and loyalty.



With  a variety of programs that helps you take care of your staff:

        - Massage (RoTai)

        - Tai Chi

        - Stretching

        - Emergency Self Protection


Here are a couple of companies that are excelling at corporate wellness:




"It's about making the program a part of office culture in general — changing that water cooler conversation," Amy McDonough, VP and GM for Fitbit Wellness.



Motley Fool:

From free spinning classes and boot camps to in-house subsidized massages, the health and fitness perks are off the charts.


You don’t need a big budget to create exciting incentives. Small rewards go a long way.


Have a brief chat with us - we can help you get the best out of your staff

Treat a symptom by fixing the cause,

fix the cause by helping the person.