Balance...Find a way

As a RoTai practitioner I get to see all walks of life and a vast array of injuries, but I have noticed a growing issue with the people walking into our centre. It is no secret that people are getting out joining gyms (either traditional, cross fit or using personal trainers), joining in martial arts clubs doing different sports and this is awesome.

So why am I seeing more people with tight muscles, strained muscles, pulled muscles and even torn muscles? When I ask the question, how do you warm up or cool down I usually get the response “Oh I don’t have time for that” or “the class finished, and we have to get out of the way for the next class” and this is problem for two reasons:

 You don’t have the ability to do it at the start or end of your session whether it’s a space or time restraint,

 You are expecting the facility to have the space or time for you. 



My question is, why don’t we think to do it ourselves in our own time? In our own space?


Stretching each day for 10 minutes can be done at home, costs nothing and isn’t that hard, it just needs to be consistent. Yes, there are great places that you can go and learn, but at least start, it’s better than doing nothing at all. With the ability of smart phones, tablets, smart TV’s we really can’t say we have no options to find simple routines or even follow some Yoga or Tai Chi channels on YouTube, for beginners.

This is about creating balance. We, as a society work hard, play hard but we have forgotten how to quiet, how to breathe, how to be still and from that our bodies are paying the price.

When do you stretch?

When do you stop and just breathe?

When was the last time you did?


Here is a way to quieten your mind and even do some gentle stretches.


Looking into a fire, for most, is a relaxing thing it allows us to escape as we watch the flames move and dance, but for a lot of us we don’t have that option but we can light a few candles at the end of our day, put them together and turn the lights off and this can be a simple way to quieten your mind, you can even add some quiet music and then just breathe allow yourself to drift, concentrating only on the sound of your breath which will allow you to, with practice, keep all those busy thoughts at bay.

Remember physical and emotional balance are the flip sides of one coin, they are not separate they are one and both need to be balanced to have a positive flow on to each other.


Do yourself a favour, find a way to find your balance.

Treat a symptom by fixing the cause!