Work Related

From the office worker to the truck driver, tradesman to the nurse and everything

in between. When you are hurt, pain is pain and it can be debilitating.

If you want:

                 - Better range of motion

                 - Improved core strength

                 - Better flexibility

We can help!

When you are the one in pain and unable to work and you just want to get back to normal we can help.


Some of the common injuries that our practitioners have helped other clients with include: 


- Back pain

- Sciatic pain

- Sprains or Strains

- Stiff Neck and Shoulders

- Carpal Tunnel

- Migraines/headaches

- Stiffening of the joints 

- Scoliosis

          or more.


We will work with you, and any existing recovering plans, to help reduce your pain and get you back to work. Call us for information on all the work injuries we can help you with.

Treat a symptom by fixing the cause,

fix the cause by helping the person.


The Psoas muscle and back pain

lower back pain


A few targeted stretches, throughout the day, when sitting all day can help relax the muscles and make the day easier.