Our Mission

To provide a holistic approach to identifying and balancing physical issues caused by injury or emotional distress.

Treat a symptom by fixing the cause, fix the cause by helping the person.

Steve Squassoni



RoTai Acupressure Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner Lvl I & II

Instructor Emergency Self Protection with Passive Power

Creator and instructor of Meltdown Protection

Speaker: How to improve your mind, your body and YOU.

Training in Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi 13yrs

Previously accredited with AKWF as an instructor

Previously accredited with Australian Sports Commission Active After School Program

Held 1st, 2nd  place in ISKA Australia Intermediate group (International Sporting Karate Association) rankings 2010 for:


  • Forms ( Age 40+)

  • Weapons ( Age40+)

  • Sword combat 1st place ( Age 40+)


Australasian Title for point sparring 1st place 2011

3rd ISKA World Championship Forms 2011