A Good Nights Sleep

These days a good nights sleep can be one of the hardest things

to achieve. Our lives can be fast paced and that my friends is the

heart of it.

Let me explain.... If you were to run as fast as you can for

100 metres could you just stop, breathe normal at the end as if

nothing had happened? No, our heart rate would be up, our

breathing would be short and rapid, so we start to slow everything

down to come back to normal.

So lets get back to day to day life. For most, we get up early to

either face traffic or get public transport to get to work on time.

As we all know, work always has its challenges and for the most

part we are under pressure to:

  • finish projects by a certain time

  • serve/see enough customers 

  • we listen to others and their complaints


 the list can go on.


So by the time we get the train home or drive in peak hour traffic (1hr, yeah right!), get dinner sorted finish off the work you didn't get done today or even sit down with the kids to help with homework we are so worked up physically and mentally and it's time for bed.


No slow down, no taking a breath just sleep.....SURE!


If for no other reason an EPSOM salt bath can help. The benefits can be:

  • relief of muscle cramps or restless leg syndrome 

  • help muscles and nerves to function properly

  • helps to eliminate toxins from the body


But most of all !!!!

Epsom salts (Magnesium) helps to produce serotonin in the body creating a calm sensation for the mind and body.


So do something wonderful for yourself at the end of the working week have a bath and go to bed for maybe the best sleep you have ever had. If you don't have a bath never discount what a foot bath can do as well.

Fixing the cause

not just treating the symptom !